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Burgundy and gold fringed lampshade

These beautiful fringed shades are hand made in India and are perfect for floor lamps.

Our frames are made with a duplex ring which sits onto a shade carrier, a UK reducing ring is already fitted within the shade carrier which will pop in and out if needed.

Meaning all lampshades are suitable for both UK or European lamps.

Please contact us on 01423503285 if you need any help choosing the right size or colour lampshade. We offer free fabric samples and are on hand to advise on sizing if needed.

Sizes quoted are equal to the following dimensions, in inches:

(Bottom Diameter x Top Diameter x Height x Fringe Length x No. of Panels)

18BD x 7TD x 9.5H x 4F x 8P        RRP £179

22BD x 9TD x 11H x 6F x 12P        RRP £259